Service Areas

Patrick Maraist ensures that he is available to provide day-to-day legal counseling for his clients. In today's world, individuals and businesses face a wide range of legal issues or questions. To allow his clients to focus on their individual or business needs rather than face uncertainty and additional stress over legal issues, Maraist Law Firm provides rapid responses to any legal issues which may arise. In the event the issues relate to practice areas in which Maraist Law Firm does not specialize, the Firm has a wide network of referral sources to ensure that any legal need will be quickly resolved. Regardless of the route, Maraist Law Firm makes itself available, and Patrick Maraist guarantees that he is available, to discuss, address and resolve legal questions, concerns and uncertainties.

Maraist Law Firm adheres to the principles of thoroughness and preparedness when advocacy requires litigation (filing or defending an action and going to trial). However, another policy of the Firm is to ensure that litigation is initiated as the last resort, when all efforts to reach a resolution have been exhausted and the client's desired results have not been attained. Of course, not everyone adheres to this policy and a client may be named as a party to an action by an adversary with little or no notice. Regardless of the path which leads to litigation, Maraist Law Firm is fully prepared and experienced in initiating litigation and defending litigation from commencement, through trial, to final judgment and through the appellate process. The Firm believes that an aggressive but well-planned litigation strategy implemented in accordance with professionalism and veracity will bring the best results. Maraist Law Firm's experience includes litigation in State, Federal and Appellate courts in the following areas:

Civil Theft
Civil Conspiracy
Civil Remedies for Criminal Practices
Constitutional Rights
Consumer Rights and Protection
Contractual Breaches
Landlord Tenant
Non-Compete Agreements
Premises Liability
Real Estate
Partnership Disputes
Property Rights/Land Use
Shareholder Disputes
Toxic Torts
Unfair Methods of Competition
Under or Deceptive Trade Practices
Worthless Checks

Regardless of the specific area of litigation, Maraist Law Firm will aggressively litigate the issues at the trial level and, if necessary, through any appellate proceedings.

"The consciousness of good intentions disdains ambiguity. . . . My arguments will be open to all, and may be judged by all. They shall at least be offered in a spirit which will not disgrace the cause of truth."

- Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist No. 1.